Chester is offering a new service to our clients! Passive Fire Protection.

Retrofits of existing buildings throughout New Zealand, including the refurbishment of leaky buildings, have in recent years uncovered widespread issues with passive fire protection construction. In many cases, the cost of remediation of passive fire protection has increased the cost of projects dramatically and led to only partial remediation. These are known as engineering judgments, a time-consuming and expensive process to obtain Building Consent Authority approval.

For new buildings designers are expected to install systems exactly as tested and therefore must design service routes and riser shafts accordingly. There is no option to install systems “as nearly as reasonably practicable”.

Designers must route their services giving due consideration to the space required to install fire stopping.

This can be achieved by involving Chester at the earliest opportunity for advice on which tested systems are available for the materials they are selecting.


Chester’s approach is to collaborate with the design team from the start of the project through construction to practical completion to provide a firetight building. We believe that constructing a firetight building is a team effort between the contractor, the Building Consent Authority, the architect and the fire engineer.

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