Fire Engineering is a specialised technical field that uses design, modelling, and technology to develop safe buildings and structures. Chester has an in-house team of dedicated Fire Engineers with collective experience totalling over 80 years.

We provide Fire Engineering services across a range of market sectors including infrastructure, educational, institutional, recreational, industrial, commercial, residential and special purpose developments.

What We Do

  • New Builds
  • Change of Use
  • Additions and Alterations
  • Subdivision / Unit Title
  • Evacuation Schemes

Market Sectors

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Education / Childcare
  • Local Government
  • Special Purpose
  • Hotels / Resorts / Accommodation
  • Churches and Community

Accessibility Report

New construction, alterations and change of use to a building under the New Zealand Building Act (NZBA) requires that the Building Consent Authority (BCA) is satisfied that the building will comply as near as reasonably practicable (ANARP) with the provision of the building code that relates to the following:


Fire Report - New Building

All new building construction is required to meet compliance with the following:

Safeguard people from an unacceptable risk of injury or illness caused by fire; Protect other property from damage caused by fire, and; Facilitate firefighting and rescue operations.


Passive Fire Protection

Building elements that can resist fire in order to separate spaces from the enclosure of fire origin do their job merely by being there (i.e. passively) and are, therefore, known as Passive Fire Protection. Passive Fire Protection includes the protection of structural elements to reduce the rate of heat transfer to the structural element.


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