Ramon Del Mundo

Structural Technical Leader | BE(Civil)

When Ramon joined the Chester Structural Team as a Senior Structural Engineer in 2015, he brought with him over 30 years of experience in construction and structural design.

Ramon’s specialised experience and involvement in high-profile projects in large multi-national consultancies has afforded him a unique level of expertise in structural engineering analysis. He has developed strong capabilities around innovative seismic design, and has consistently delivered efficient and cost-effective solutions.

Ramon has completed award-winning designs both in New Zealand and on the international arena, across the sports, education and retail categories. He has demonstrated a rare ability to bring together nonlinear technical analysis and traditional design approaches to produce innovative results.

One of Ramon’s key strengths is the ability to quickly identify an effective, practical design approach when presented with a challenge. He acknowledges that there are often many viable solutions to most engineering problems, but there can be added efficiency and accuracy through choosing the best approach.

Conscious of the great need for safe structures across the world, Ramon aspires to spend time volunteering to improve the quality of life for people in developing countries. He is passionate about using his skills to build safe structures and share knowledge with people who need it most.

Ramon Del Mundo - Senior Structural Engineer

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