Nat Jull

Regional Manager (Northland NZ) | BEngTech(Civil) MEngNZ

Nat is a Civil Engineer and Land Development Team Leader with an exceptional ability to incorporate constructability and real-world pragmatism into his design solutions, across projects of all scales.

Nat first developed his practical know-how through his agricultural upbringing, where he was required to find creative solutions rapidly, with limited resources. In his engineering career, which includes over 5 years at Chester, he has used his problem-solving abilities to lead a wide array of civil engineering projects.

The long list of happy clients and contractors that Nat has worked with is evidence of his emphasis on building good working relationships. His emphasis on communication and collaborating with key stakeholders has allowed him to carry many projects from start through to completion.

Nat is often commended for his work ethic, bringing a high level of focus and passion to his work.

He also believes in enjoying what he does, which carries over to his passion for sports outside of work. He plays touch rugby at a highly competitive level, and also enjoys bodyboarding and snowboarding.

Nat Jull - Civil Engineer