Frank Micallef

Senior Fire Engineer | HTC(UK) City & Guilds Parts I & II MSFPE

Frank has been with Chester for over 13 years as a Senior Fire Engineer, bringing diverse technical experience within the fire safety field across Auckland and the UK.

With previous roles including Fire Safety Inspector and Building Officer for Auckland City Council, Frank has provided expert fire safety services throughout ongoing changes to the local regulatory environment. His project experience includes complex sites such as the Auckland CBD and the surrounding areas.

Frank takes pride in his practical knowledge of current regulatory requirements, and his ability to design specifically to client’s needs. His high standard of work and excellent track record have earnt him a place as a respected sounding board for his peers.

Throughout his career, Frank has built strong relationships with clients and fellow design team members. He recognises that effective communication is a key component to the successful delivery of a project.

Frank Micallef

+64 (0)21 100 3034

+64 9 217 4132