We value you as a customer at Chester. This page is aimed at showing you the different ways in which we can help add value to your development project.

At Chester we have a multi disciplinary team. That means we can help you at each stage of the development process. This is something that reduces the number of people that you have to deal with and allows you to keep up the project momentum.

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We pride ourselves on being able to deliver you a high quality outcome at an affordable price. We endeavor to give you quotes upfront and then be fair on any variations or work that comes up. We also like to plan out your development project in advance so that we can stop any potential problems coming up in the future.

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We started out as a small company helping people with subdivision work and over time we have grown in our capabilities to help clients with large scale undertakings. However, because we started with the small projects, we are able to still deliver effectively for you no matter what the size of your project is.A large amount of work comes from doing:

  • Detention tank designs
  • Retaining wall designs
  • Private drainage designs
  • Topographic Surveys

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