Luke Haines

Senior Fire Engineer

Luke brings over 15 years’ experience to his role as Senior Fire Engineer at Chester, having worked in a wide range of applications including the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Industrial, and Built Environment sectors.

His expertise has taken him to over 40 countries, including Russia, Trinidad & Tobago, Canada, Australia, and even to war-stricken environments such as Iraq, Libya, Syria, and Afghanistan. With such expansive travel and work experience, Luke has accumulated wide technical capabilities and a highly adaptive approach to meet client’s needs.

At Chester, Luke has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to achieve the highest standards in fire prevention, including a project involving a large office block development above a shopping mall in Fiji. In this project, Luke undertook a Fire Dynamic Simulation to assess the occupancy tenability and impact on the shopping mall structure in the event of a fire, and to provide appropriate safety recommendations.

Clients and colleagues enjoy working with Luke because of his core values of honesty and open communication.

Luke enjoys spending time outside with his wife and young family, exploring New Zealand’s natural beauty through activities like paddle boarding. He also has a keen interest in crowd dynamics, and is studying towards a Masters in Crowd Safety and Risk Management.

Luke Haines

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+64 9 217 4163